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Pulse - Nothing good and nothing bad lasts

"Time flies when you're having fun" but in reality time flies even when we have nothing special to show for it. If you think about it - what did you experience last weekend? Few people remember because we let each day pass us by, let life flow while we manage to catch a rapid here and there.

Fact #1: Life is passing by fast.

Reason #1: Because everyday has become an entanglement of a number of people, events and sensory occupiers/distractors of one kind or another.


Maybe I wrote the above paragraph a little wrong. We strive for experiences that we cannot achieve and delay/forget the experiences that pass us by as a result . With this, we actively impoverish our lives in a double way - we deny ourselves the everyday experiences that are within our reach and at the same time we rush into a state of despair because we do not experience the situations we strive for.

Fact #2: We are our own biggest saboteur.

Reason #2: Because we don't know how to be satisfied with simple things. Because we only see what we don't have. Because we let the inner voice win too many times (always?).


Today Si grumbled that he feels lost and asked if I felt the same way. Actually, I didn't have to think long because I'm "pretty good". Pretty because it's part of my modus operandi, i.e. never really happy, and okay because the last few days I've been resting due to the holidays and rainy weather. No, rested is not the real reason .. the real reason is that I let myself rest. Went to bed when the body started telling me it had had enough, slept without an alarm clock and woke up without guilt and without thinking I was missing out on the day. And when I had eaten my lunch, I allowed myself to pick up a book, allowed myself to lie down on a mat on the floor and did not resist at all when sleep overtook me for another two hours in the afternoon.

When my body suddenly sleeps so much I know I haven't listened to it for too long. I will say a month or two, and even that is unacceptably too much when I think about the lifestyle I led a few years ago. The problem with me is always that I find it hard to identify the fine line between listening to my introverted self that wants to be at home and away from people, and listening to the inner parent that wants to take care of me and let me know that I have to force myself, go out, hang out, do something for myself, etc. And when (quite often) I forget that the line exists and stop trying to understand it, I tend to stray a little too far and my body reminds me that it's time to turn around and retrace my steps back to the main path.

Fact #3: We are often on the verge of physical and emotional exhaustion.

Reason #3: Because we just don't let ourselves be. We must constantly strive to be "someone" or to become "someone".


If anything written calls out to you - please write. Comments, e-mail, messages. I am happy to share the inner struggles without conclusions and all the ways that life tramples me (or the child in me reacts in this way) and all the ways that I fight against it.


So let's rest in February. Let's listen to our bodies every day - what it doesn't need and how much rest it needs, and offer it if possible. Of course, I understand that this is not possible for everyone, but it is important to know that nothing good and nothing bad lasts forever. One of the most important lessons of this life.



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Colorful treetop of green and orange colors.

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