How to care for your crystals?

"I bought the crystal, now what?"

Have you ever asked yourself this or something similar? Believe me, absolutely everyone does, and it's a good thing that you did, because with this you have taken the first step towards a long-term close relationship between you and your crystal.

Personal crystals are your daily companion. If you keep it at home or carry it with you and clean it regularly, it will enrich your life with energy that it will channel from the universe just for you.

The crystal you receive is already energetically cleansed and charged. Each connection is specific and each person usually has his own (conscious or unconscious) ritual when he gets his hands on something he has bought. We recommend that when you hold the stone for the first time, you close your eyes and accept it as your own. You can do this in several ways - you can say a few words of welcome to him, you can kiss him or just hug him. Also repeat this after each cleaning/charging.

Crystals take on the energetic remnants of processed intentions over time, so it makes sense to clean them regularly. We can do this in several ways:

1. Cleansing with incense, most often burning white sage and/or Pala Santa

2. cleansing with selenite

3. cleaning under water (caution - not every stone is suitable for water)

In addition to cleaning, crystals are also filled with fresh energy. Some approaches:

1. with the sun (be careful - not every stone is suitable, as the color can fade)

2. with a full moon

3. with selenite

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