Kamen 1/4 2024 - intuicija

Stone of 1/4 2024 - intuition and 2024


how are you? How did you experience the end of 2023 and the start of 2024? We both have to admit that we have had an extremely busy end of the year - November and December were a time of intense work and reflection. Where we are and where we want to go; questions that have no reliability whatsoever, all they translate through the veils of the worlds is desire, vision and intuition. Where we really are and how we perceive where we are and where we want to be today and where we want to be next month, next week, tomorrow (?) thus become paradoxes that reveal the basic truths of the world to us - that sometimes you just have to let go and that our "earthly" mind is often wrapped in loops of cyclical questions and fears.

That's probably why it's no surprise that we wore the kyanite pendant from the Vanessa Verve collection in December. The crystal strongly connects with the carrier and, as your companion, stimulates your intuition and connects you with higher vibrations. It guided us on the path to understanding through fears and bubbles of bad energy. We ended the year pleasantly tired.


No one really knows what 2024 will bring, but we can be sure that it will be an extremely intense year both spiritually and earthly. And it is perfectly acceptable that we start preparing for this journey today. We advise that in 2024, as a society, we commit to the development of our own and collective intuition . This most loyal virtue will guide us through the labyrinth of worlds, and if we actively hone it, it will in return enrich our lives through self-knowledge.

At CPS, we have quite a few crystals that can help us with this. For example, this beautiful moonstone , or amethyst, especially "Chevron" and Ema egg . But we must not forget our favourite, the bearer of the ancient messages of Mother Earth, the septarian .


Till next time,

Davor & Vanessa

Photo: Jean Wimmerlin (Unsplash) 

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