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Stone 2/4 2024 - changes

If anything is constant in our lives, it is change. Each generation likes to say that life moved completely differently during their youth. And they add that the world is completely crazy these days. But probably the biggest takeaway is that the world has always been in a state of rapid change, both nature and society, with each generation dealing with its share of global crises, wars, political crises, social upheavals and natural disasters.

In the endless walk of our beautiful Earth through the seasons, in the northern hemisphere we stepped into the time of the smell of cut grass, fireflies, birdsong and warm nights. Whether you love spring or not, these days it almost feels like we've actually stepped straight into the summer. At first impression, I would say that this will be another thing that will separate us into "young" and "old", or rather - those who adapt more easily and those who have slightly greater challenges. And in the newest season of 2024 the circle once more connects, either with indifference or with anxious indignation at the state of the current world.

Therefore good morning nature, flowers and fresh blood in your veins. Welcome longer days, strong sun and the power of nature. And changes are here, whether we like it or not. There are changes in us, around us, the good ones, the bad ones. Changes remain, but if I stick to the thought of one of the previous blogs - nothing good and nothing bad lasts long. And that's important to know while we're dancing down the street in the rain and unfortunately getting angina in the process.



The stone that will take us into the warmer part of the year will be as multi-colored as is multi-colored the awakening of the nature. Purple, pink, blue, black, green, yellow or colorless depending on the impurities such as iron, sulfur, europium, manganese and others.

Fluorite will help us make decisions. It will stimulate our intuition and remove mental blocks, balancing thoughts and ideas on the one hand and helping us understand the impact of thoughts and ideas back on our body on the other.

Fluorite also likes to influence fixed patterns of behaviour - it allows the subconscious mind to let go and thereby helps the body to release suppressed emotions and fixed ideas and thereby process them. This is known in two ways - we personally gain greater satisfaction and self-confidence, and we generally see our world and society in perspective.



So - 2/4 of the year will be marked by a personal rebirth that began with a total solar eclipse. Fluorite will help us recognize and let go of difficult experiences and crack the hardest nut of all - possible traumas that have marked us deeply. We will enter into autumn lighter and more confident.


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Until next time,

Davor & Vanessa

Photo: Masaaki Komori (Unsplash)

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